Alisport - Maker of the Silent motorglider in Italy
- Ultralight motorglider manufacturer in France - Exel, Choucas
Apis Gliders
Apis WR - Ultralight Sailplane
ASW-15 soaring community - The online ASW15 soaring community website for owners, users and fans. - Netherlands
Beres, Bogumil - Design Offices - Poland, Manufacturers or SZD-56 Diana
BG 12 - Paul Jorgenson's Glider Homepage
Binder Flugmotoren & Flugzeugbau - Aircraft Engine and Aircraft Company - Maker of the EB-28 28m span motorglider.
Blanik America - U.S. Distributor for Blanik, LAK-17, Genesis 2 and L13 Vivat Sailplanes
Brochures - Historical Brochures of Gliders and Motorgliders
Caproni Calif A21S - Tapis Volant Homepage - site on the Caproni A21S and a owner syndicate - Holland
Caproni Jet Glider Project - GM Aviation
Carbon Dragon Technical Website - by S. Steve Adkins
CAVOC 10 - Ultralight Motorglider
Cumulus - Ultralight Soaring Aviation, LLC, Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
Diamond Aircraft Worldwide - XTreme Motorglider
Diana Sailplanes - US Distributor for SZD-55 and SZD-56 Diana
Downing Sailplanes - PW-5 B1 dealer for the U.S. - World Class sailplane at an affordable price
Duster Web - Duster BJ-1B Sailplane - by Cam Martin
DG Sailplane Company
Eastern Sailplane - U.S. Representative for Alexander Schleicher Sailplanes
Eta - The largest sailplane ever built
Finesse Max - French retailer for Schleicher Sailplanes, instruments, software
Fournier Motorglider - Oregon, USA - Share pictures and info for restoring Fournier Motorgliders
Glasfaser Flugzeugbau (Hansjörg Streifeneder) - Seal kits, Glasflugel parts, etc.
Glasflugel 304CZ - Wings and Wheels
Glider Factory Jeżów - Poland - They own the rights to support Bocian, Mucha, Jantar, Cobra, etc. gliders.
Gomolzig - German manufacturer of Caproni Calif A 21S
Homebuilt Sailplanes
HP Aircraft, LLC - HP Aircraft supplies subkits, parts, plans, and upgrades for Richard Schreder's HP/RS-series sailplanes - Bob Kuykendall
Invermere Soaring Centre - Canadian Representative for Schempp-Hirth Sailplanes
Ital Glider - Rondine and Rondone sailplanes designed by Vittorio Pajno - Italy
Johnson, Dick - Sailplane flight test articles for Soaring Magazine
Jonker Sailplanes - JS1 Revelation, South Africa
Knauff & Grove Soaring Supplies - U.S. Representative for Schempp-Hirth Sailplanes
LAK Sailplanes - by Luka Znidarsic
Lange Flugzeugbau - Antares Electric Motorglider
LET - Blanik
Libelle H-201 and H-201B - Carl J. Niedermeyer
LightHawk microlight sailplane - The first Microlift Sailplane to go into serialized production.
M&H Soaring - U.S. Dealer for Schempp-Hirth Sailplanes, winglets and sailplane repair and refinishing, Big Flats, New York, USA
Marganski Aviation Company - Mdm1Fox - High-performance two-seat aerobatic sailplane from Poland
Marske Flying Wings
Maupin, Jim Ltd. - Woodstock, Carbon Dragon, and Windrose Kits
Morelli M100 - Site dedicated to the M100 by Stefano Bassalti
Neukom Composite AG - Agent in Switzerland for Rolladen-Schneider & Schempp-Hirth
Pacific Aerosport LLC - Chris Klix, Arlington Municipal Airport (AWO) in Washington State, DG/LS Dealer for regions 8, 9, 11 and 12, and also handle parts for all of North America, USA, Phone: 360-474-9394, 
Piggott, Derek - Review of PW-5, ME-7 and EA9 in FAI's Airsports International Magazine
PIK-20 Info - Jim Tsillas
PW-5 Smyk - Steven May
PW-5 Smyk Special - A World Class Glider growing Web Site by Tomasz Sielicki
PW-5 B1 - Downing Sailplanes - PW-5 B1 dealer for the U.S. - World Class sailplane at an affordable price
PZL Swidnik PW-5
Rolladen_Schneider Sailplanes
Rolladen-Schneider Sailplanes - "Unofficial"
Rent, Tom
- Comparison of medium performance gliders: Schweizer 1-34, PW-5, Russia AC-4, Blanik L-33 Solo, and SZD-51-1 Junior
N.V. Vliegtuigbouw Alsema Sagitta - Everything about the Dutch Sagitta 013 glider  - Alex Holswilder, Netherlands
Scale Soaring UK - Site dedicated to scale sailplanes, but this link is directly to a site with excellent details and line drawings of historic sailplanes
Schempp-Hirth Sailplane Co.
Schleicher - Alexander Schleicher Sailplane Co.
Schreder Sailplane Designs
Schweizer 1-26 Association
Schweizer 1-34
Schweizer 1-35 - Tom Rent
Schweizer Aircraft Corporation
SIFOW - Span Is FOr Wimps
Solaire Canada - Canadian and US Dealer for LS (Rolladen-Schneider) Sailplanes, Filser and LX Instruments, sailplane repair and refinishing.
Standard Cirrus Sailplanes - Jim Hendrix
Standard Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association - Newsgroup - Jim Hendrix
Stemme USA, Inc.
Swift S-1 - Aerobatic Sailplane
SZD Gliders - Support
Technoflug - Carat
Whisper Aircraft - Whisper Motorglider, 2 seat, kit built, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Windex 1200C
Windward Performance - New U.S. designed ultralight sailplane called the Sparrowhawk
Woodstock Homepage - "Unofficial"

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