Instruction & Exam Preparation
ASA - US Exam Preperation books and software
- Aviation Ground School and Test Preps
Arizona Glider Stuff - Jim D. Burch
Basic Sailplane Instruments - Nice description of the basics of variometers by Mike Borgelt.
Bronze Badge Study Guide
- Soaring Safety Foundation - U.S.A. - Very nice presentations on: Lift, Drag and Glide Performance, Control and Stability, and Glider Instruments
Cumulus Courseware - Multimedia Computer Based Training
Cumulus Soaring, Inc. - Link to books related to Test and Checkride Preparation - Comprehensive Flight Training Manual and Knowledge Handbook for Gliders
Glider Pilot Ground School - Colorado, training and training books
Glider Pilot and Flight Instructor Practical Test Guide - Jim D. Burch
How to Fly Gliders and Pass FAA Tests - CD by Jim D. Burch
Martin Kroke - Familiarization / training / safety / practice for towed take off, landings, slope-, thermal- and wave flights, distance mountain glider flights, aerobatic flights
Master Instructor Cross-Country Program - Soaring Safety Foundation - U.S.A.

Practical Test Standards (PTS) (U.S.A.)
Soaring Books and Supplies - Bob Wander
Soaring Safety Foundation - SSA - On-Line Learning Page, Tow Pilot Course, Wing Runner Course, Master Instructor Cross-Country Program
Top Ten Ways to Fail a Practical Test (and how to pass one) - USA - Jim D. Burch
Tow Pilot Course - Soaring Safety Foundation - USA - Free Online FAA Practice Exams
Wing Runner Course - Soaring Safety Foundation - USA

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