History / Vintage
ASW-15 soaring community - The online ASW15 soaring community website for owners, users and fans. - Netherlands
British Pathe - Excellent old film reels - demos are free downloads
Fournier Motorglider - Oregon, USA - Share pictures and info for restoring Fournier Motorgliders

Günther's Vintage Sailplanes - pictures and 3-side-views of vintage sailplanes
Magazine Articles from 1967 - National Geographic, Boys Life and Reader's Digest
National Soaring Museum (USA)

"Nurflügels" Flying Wings
N.V. Vliegtuigbouw Alsema Sagitta - Everything about the Dutch Sagitta 013 glider
Scale Soaring UK - Site dedicated to scale sailplanes, but this link is directly to a site with excellent details and line drawings of historic sailplanes
Scale Soaring UK - Excellent site dedicated to scale gliders, This link contains historic soaring videos.
soaringpics.com - Vintage and Classic Sailplane photos
Vintage Glide 2000
Vintage Sailplane Association
Vintage Sailplane Trading Cards

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