About Soaring
Estimated Cost to Solo - U.S.A.
F.A.A. Pilot Requirement - U.S.A.
GliderPilot.org - Soaring Wiki
Let's Go Soaring - James E. Hendrix
Soaring - very short overview
Soaring in America - Soaring Society of America
Soaring Online Flight Training Info.
Soaring Presentation - by Eric Greenwell - Very nice!
Soaring Presentation
- by Mark Zivley - Very nice PowerPoint presentation with photos and overview of soaring.
Soaring Society of America Member Resource Book - This is an excellent resource for people interested in soaring, and SSA members.
Soaring Society of America Growbook - This is a great resource on how to help the sport of soaring grow.
Soaring Wiki - www.gliderpilot.org
Wave Soaring on National Geographic web site
What is Gliding? - Soaring Society of America
Wikipedia - Great overview of soaring and soaring terminology

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