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Revell is known for their very high quality plastic model kits.  They make the largest and most detailed model glider and towplane kits available. 

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Plastic Injection Molded Kit
If you have ever built a plastic kit, it was probably an injection-molded one. The parts are formed in polystyrene plastic that are attached to frames known as sprues. After removing the parts from the sprues, you put the kit together as a three-dimensional puzzle, helped by detailed instructions. Plastic parts are glued together with plastic cements such as the tried-and-true tube glue, liquid cements, superglues, or epoxies.  The Revell and Profiline model kits on this page are Plastic Injection Molded Kits.  Note that these kits offer the highest quality, lowest price, and they are the easiest to build. 

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Revell-DuoDiscusT Schempp-Hirth DuoDiscusT (with engine)
Manufacturer: Revell Germany

Scale: 1:32
Plastic Model Kit
Wing Span of Full Size Glider: 20 m (65.62 feet)
Wing Span of Model 625 mm (24.6 inches)
Length: 268 mm (10.55 inches)
Skill Level: 3 (out of 5) = "more demanding models with up to 100 parts", Age: 10+
Number of Parts: 65

Model replica of the Duo DiscusT (Turbo), one of the most popular two-seater gliders. An additional auxiliary motor provides optimum help when returning home.

- Detailed motor with propeller
- Cockpit with bucket seats
- Blue toned cockpit canopy
- Detailed landing gear suspension
- 2 types of wing-tip: standard or with winglets
- Illustrated Assembly Instructions
- Decals

Authentic representation of the following version:
- Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus T D-KIHW, September 2015

  • RG3961-2
  • DuoDiscusT-02
  • DuoDiscusT-09
  • DuoDiscusT-10
  • DuoDiscusT-05
  • DuoDiscusT-01
  • DuoDiscusT-06
  • DuoDiscusT-07
  • DuoDiscusT-04
  • DuoDiscusT-03
  • DuoDiscusT-08
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