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Panel Mount Aviation Radio Comparison

This page includes a comparison table with panel mounted aviation radios.  For more information on a particular radio click the name of the radio.  I have all these radios and many accessories in stock.

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Comparison Table
I've done my best to get complete and accurate data, but some of it is difficult to find.  If you see any errors or have any suggestions for the table below please let me know.  My goal is to make the table as accurate and complete as possible.

Aviation Radio Comparison Table
AR 6201-8p33kHz
Walter Dittel
Price for Radio $1275 $1795 $800 $1495
Price for complete system including:
boom microphone, wiring harness, speaker/wiring junction box, push-to-talk switch
(Antenna not included)
$1855 with Peiker TM170-23in gooseneck microphone and DIN-5m-240 connector (for connection to Dittel speaker box) and Goddard Cable-Becker-AR6201-DittelSpkr-3 wiring harness $2445 with Dittel
gooseneck microphone

$2285 with Peiker TM170-23in gooseneck microphone and DIN-5m-240

with Peiker ME510-25in gooseneck microphone and Peiker speaker and Dittel PTT button

with Peiker KL-1 Speaker,
Goddard: Cable-TY91-1SeatGlider-0p5
Peiker ME510-25in
and Dittel F10050 Push-To-Talk Switch

Country of Manufacture Germany Germany Japan Edinburgh, Scotland
TSO Yes Yes No Yes
Transmit Power Output (carrier) 6 W 5 W 5W 6W
Transmit Power Output (PEP)   18 W 16W  
Channels 2280 760 760 2280
Channel Spacing 8.33 kHz 25 kHz 25 kHz 8.33 kHz
"Dual Monitor"
(monitor standby frequency if nothing is being received on main frequency)
Yes No No Yes
Built-in Intercom Yes Yes Yes Yes
Receive VOR Channels No No No  
Minimum Voltage 9 VDC 9 VDC 11 VDC

(2.5 W output at 9V,
shutdown at 8V)

Current Draw on Standby 85 mA 50 mA 300 mA 200 mA (receive)
Memory Channels ? 20 32 9
Speaker (standard) 4 Ohm, 6 Watt 4 Ohm, 30 Watt 4 Ohm, 5 Watt (Peiker) 4 or 8 Ohm, 4 or more Watt
Microphone Type Dynamic
(Becker, Dittel, Peiker)
(Becker, Dittel, Peiker)

(like aviation headsets)

(like aviation headsets)
Alpha Memory Description Yes No No No
Instrument panel hole size required 57 mm 57 mm 57 mm 57 mm
57 x 42.5 mm
Length (behind panel, not including connectors) 168.4 mm (6.631 in) 173 mm (6.81 inches) 159 mm (6.26 in) 35.49 mm (1.40 in)
2nd Seat Repeater Available Yes No No No
Antenna Connector BNC BNC BNC TNC
Stuck Microphone Timer   No Yes Yes
Unique Features This is a great radio with high quality and great features. The dual monitor mode that allows scanning of two different channels is a great feature.  It has low power usage and operates down to only 9V. The RCU6201 remote head can be connected to it for use in 2-seat aircraft. Extremely reliable radio with extremely low current drain.  Large text display for easy in-flight reading.  Extremely clear sound from standard speaker. An interesting low cost option for experimental airplanes.  I like the simple operation and the cost.  I'm not impressed by the high standby current draw or minimum voltage of 11V, or the fact that it is Non-TSO.  But you just can't argue with the price!  I have received positive feedback from several customers in regard to this radio. A very nice radio that looks great next to a Trig TT21 or TT22 transponder in the panel. Nice, large display of main and standby frequencies. The dual monitor mode that allows scanning of two different channels is a great feature.  It operates down to only 8V.  It consists of 2 components: the display head and the main transmitter box. That make it easy to fit the display into any panel, but you will need to mount the main transmitter box separately. Also, a wiring harness is needed to connect the display to the radio main unit. I offer a nice Goddard wiring harness.

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