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Mid-Continent makes a wide variety of aircraft instruments.  Their analog electric clocks are very nice for use in a sailplane
.  They have a clean and simple design - making them easy to read at a glance.  They run great on 12V from a glider battery, or a 9V battery.

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MD-90-1 Analog Clock - Electric - Without backlight
I like the simple, elegant design of this analog clock.  It fits into a standard 57 mm (2 1/4 in) instrument hole.  10 to 32 VDC power is required to keep it running.  If you remove your glider battery between flights, you'll need to reset the clock before flight.  But it is very easy to set.  It requires only 3 mA of current.  The back of the unit states that it runs on voltage as low as 8 VDC. 

Battery Tests
For use in a sailplane I was curious how long the unit would run with a 9V battery or 8 AA batteries.  I bought a 9V battery connector at Radio Shack.  It ran continuously for 3+ weeks on a single 9V alkaline battery.  If you only connect the clock to the 9V battery while flying, it should last through an entire soaring season easily.  I then tested it with a Radio Shack AA battery pack that holds 8 AA batteries (8 x 1.5V = 12V).  It ran for more than 3 months. 


  • FAA PMA approved
  • Precision quartz movement
  • Compact 2 1/4-inch size fits standard panel cutout
  • Transient and reverse polarity protected
  • Original equipment for many major aircraft manufacturers
  • Low power consumption (3 mA)
  • Continuously powered by aircraft battery
  • One year limited warranty


Voltage Input Range: 8 32 VDC
Current Input: 3 mA max (without lighting)
Accuracy: 30 seconds in 24 hrs
Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.2 inches max
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Temperature: 40F to +180F
Altitude: 1,000 to +55,000 feet
Humidity: 0 to 95% at 25C
Vibration: 0.02 in. dbl. ampl., 1.5g @ 5 to 50 Hz
Certification: FAA PMA approved
Mounting: Front or rear panel
Power Connector: #6-32 Threaded Terminals

Technical Drawing

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