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LoPresti is well known in the general aviation community for the "Speed Mods" - modifications to aircraft to make them more efficient and go faster.

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LoPresti SpeedCoat2
SpeedCoat2 is a neat product! It is very easy and fast to apply (much easier than waxing) yet it makes any surface shine and protects the surface. It also creates a slippery surface that bugs won't stick to as well as an untreated surface.

SpeedCoat2 is an environmentally safe, high-performance protective coating designed to outerform and outlast traditional waxes, polishes, and paint sealants in tody's harsh enironment.

SpeedCoat2 is an easy application providing a long-lasting protective illustrious barrier on all exterior and interiior surfaces.

SpeedCoat2 may be used practically everywhere; on painted or bare surfaces, fiberglass, metal, fabric, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, glare shields, and more.

SpeedCoat2 is silicone free, surfaces are not left greasy and there is no concern about future paint or composite repairs.

Supplied in a 16 oz spray bottle.


  • Contains no solvents, toxic chemicals, abrasive compounds or silicone
  • Environmentally safe and Non-toxic
  • Retards the damaging effecs of contaminants such as bird droppings, bug splater, acid rain, brakes dust, soot, etc.
  • Treated surfaces are extremely hydrophobic (water-resistant)
  • No need to stir or shake
  • No orbital or mechanical buffing required
  • Easy hand application
  • Treated Surfaces are easy to clean and maintain
  • Long-lasting formula saves money
  • multiple surface protecion minimizes use of other costly products
  • No unsightly wax residue left behind
  • Maximizes depth of color with minimal effort

Review by Paul Remde
I am very impressed with SpeedCoat2. It sprays on and wipes off very quickly. I used 2 rags - one "wet" rag to rub in the SpeedCoat and partially wipe it off, and a 2nd "dry" rag to wipe-off/buff-off the remainder. I treated the tops of the wings and fuselage on a DG-1000S 20 m wingspan sailplane in about 20 minutes. The surfaces looked great when done. It is nearly as good as waxing but with much less work. The 10 year old wings of the DG-1000 really shined and glistened in the sun! That partial application used about 1/2 bottle. Other glider pilots have stated that they treated only part of a wing and could see that dramatically fewer bugs stuck to the areas that had been treated with SpeedCoat - and the bugs that did stick to the treated areas were very easy to clean off.

Review by Sailplane Pilot Charles F. Petersen

SpeedCoat: A Minor Miracle?

We love gliding for the true miracle it is, and we are grateful for the miraculous machines we can fly. They require very little maintenance, (especially compared to my previous passion, - sailboat racing), but any product that offers improved maintenance with less effort and time is, in my view, a minor miracle. And some of us discovered one such product at the recent Seniors Nationals contest at Seminole Lake Florida.

Contestants received an offer from LoPresti, a company I had not heard of, but I am told is well known in power circles for speed enhancements, to try a new product called SpeedCoat. Sceptic that I am, I passed on this offer, but another glider pilot tried it on the outer wing panels of his Duo Discus, and reported diminished bug accretion on the leading edge, as compared to the rest of the wing. I accepted his offer to make my own test, and apply it on the leading edge of one wing on my Discus 2cT, then compare that with the other wing. And mirabile dictu (miraculously), there was indeed a perceptible difference. Fewer bugs stuck, and they were appreciably easier to remove (one light pass of the bug sponge instead of a scrubbing action). The day I climbed in a couple of fires, virtually no ash stuck to the SpeedCoat treated wing, but there were black blotches aplenty on the other wing, which had been very recently waxed with the WX system. So how does this differ from all the choices of wax? The manufacturer claims SpeedCoat forms a two micron thick layer of glass. And there are other benefits worthy of consideration:

  • Ease of Application
    This is perhaps the best news. After the surface is prepared, the application couldn't be easier or faster, but SpeedCoat forms a mechanical bond with the gel coat (or any other surface including paint, bare metal, - even your canopy), and application on top of 'previous product' seemed to reduce the durability; the contrast in ease of bug removal diminished over the week of competition. LoPresti says they have had great success removing previous waxes with the use of Simple Green, and buffing is not required. After that, it is simply spray, wipe, and hand buff with a microfiber cloth. No mechanical buffing is required. Very fast indeed! Further applications will not require surface prep.
  • UV Protection
    An aspect of critical importance, particularly to those of us flying Schleicher or Schempp-Hirth built gliders with T-35 gel coat, - the UV protection is excellent.
  • Impact on Repairs
    We have been warned about the dangers silicon penetration into the gel coat can pose to making repairs. These products do not contain any silicon or create any wax buildup, and SpeedCoat can be removed with the usual surface preparation or Simple Green.
  • Cost & Availability
    Speed Coat, is available from Cumulus Soaring, Inc. The SpeedCoat is priced at $65 US for a 16 oz. bottle, enough for one or two applications on the glider. There is a long shelf life, and the manufacturer estimates that SpeedCoat will protect your ship for one gliding season. A second layer on the leading edge will reduce even further the performance-degrading bugs and dirt accumulated in flight, but the application is so fast and easy, you might find yourself tempted to treat your ship more often. You could actually wax and fly on the same day.



3 for $185
(save $10)


1 Bottle: $65

3 Bottles: $185

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