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I offer a variety of GPS solutions for Pocket PCs and flight computers.  I sell only my favorite units. 

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GPS Receivers
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Garmin 12V GPS Receiver
Holux CF Card GPS

Pocket PC Comm Port Testing Software - Free
GPS units that connect to the Pocket PC through the connector on the bottom of the Pocket PC are usually available to Pocket PC software programs on comm port 1.  CF card and BlueTooth GPS units are usually not accessible on comm port 1 and may be found on any comm port from 2 through 9.  Crux_View.exe is a simple Pocket PC utility that can be used to figure out (using trial and error) which comm port is used to connect to the GPS.  Crux_View can also be used to enable or disable WAAS functionality.  To turn on WAAS functionality, copy the Crux_View.exe utility to your PC by right clicking on it and selecting "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu.  Then use Microsoft ActiveSync to copy it to your Pocket PC.  I recommend that you copy it to the Windows/Start Menu directory.  Run it and use trial and error to find the comm port used by the GPS.  To enable WAAS go to the SBAS tab and set the "SBAS Channel" to "AUTO" and press the "Apply" button.

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