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"Red" Baron Trophy

What is it?
The "Red" Baron Trophy is a traveling trophy which is awarded each year to the Minnesota soaring pilot who flies the longest handicapped FAI triangle of the season.  A small prize such as a soaring book or video will be awarded to the winner each year at the winter soaring banquet. To qualify for the "Red" Baron Trophy the flight must originate from within Minnesota.  The task does not need to be declared before take-off. 

How to Enter
To enter simply let Dick Andrews know if you have completed a long FAI triangle soaring flight.  If you have a flight log then please send it to him.  Please also notify me (Paul Remde) so I can update this page.

The trophy was created by Dick Andrews in November, 1999.  It includes a very nice "Roter Baron" (Red Baron) nutcracker and a plaque listing past trophy winners.  Thank you Dick for creating this wonderful trophy.  It will be an inspiration to Minnesota soaring pilots for many years to come.  Dick has also offered to sponsor the annual prizes.

It was awarded for the first time on November 13th, 1999 to Don Ingraham for his outstanding flight on June 17, 1999.

2006 Entries
Date Pilot Glider Flying From Description (how far, how fast, any badges or records) Write-up (fun or interesting details) Flight Log Photo
June 3, '06 Fred Hewitt & Paul Remde DG-1000 Stanton 178.1 mile (handicapped) FAI triangle

199.2 mile (300 km+) free triangle distance flight.  It should be a state record in the Multiplace and Sports (178.1 handicapped miles) categories for free FAI triangle distance.
OLC Classic: 296.10 points
FAI-OLC: 291.22 points
OLC League Speed: 64.07 km/hr
What a fun flight!  The 3rd leg was in very weak lift.  We barely made it home. OLC Details  

Baron Hilton Cup
One of the reasons for the trophy is to encourage flights that qualify for the Barron Hilton Cup.  Barron Hilton Cup flights are FAI triangular flights of at least 400 km (248.56 statute miles).  The Barron Hilton Cup points are calculated using a handicap so that all sailplane types have an equal chance of winning.  You learn more about the Hilton Cup here:

Red Baron Winners
Date Name Sailplane Description Write-up
Jun. 22, '01 John McGregor Libelle 301 He flew from Faribault to Clarion Iowa to Decorah Iowa and returned to Faribault. A distance of 527 kilometers or 328 miles. This was both a Diamond Goal and a Diamond Distance flight. He is also won the Hilton Cup in the Eastern Region of the United States. Furthermore it appears to set some new state records in the 15-meter class for the longest Triangular Distance and Speed Around a 500km Triangular Course.  
June 17, '99 Don Ingraham Discus CS From Faribault MN, 314.59 mile (506.26 km) triangle flight.  Hilton Cup flight worth 486.05 points, several MN State Soaring Records (15m & Standard Class Triangular Distance, 15m & Standard Class Speed around a 500 km triangle) dons_506km.txt

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