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This page is for announcing the accomplishments and fun flights of local soaring pilots.  Items listed here include: first solos, new ratings, badge flights, record flights, just-for-fun long flights, etc.  It's just fun to see how many great flights are done from Minnesota.

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Accomplishments - 2004
Date Pilot Glider Flying From Description Write-up Flight Log Photo
Oct 17, '04 J. D. Teter Blanik L13 Benson's First solo and A Badge JD shrugged off the cold and the scrutiny of 3 CFIG's and flew a great first solo.    
Oct 10, '04 Matt Ellickson Blanik L23 Benson's Private Pilot Glider Matt is a transition pilot who went to work right away and eaned his glider add-on in one season. Pete Kroll was his instructor, and Andrew Wood was the examiner.    
Sept 26, '04 Paul Campobasso Blanik L23 Benson's Glider Pilot Commercial Rating Congratulations from the RWSA membership. Andrew Wood was the examiner.    
Sept 24, '04 Michael Hoover Blanik L13 Benson's Private Pilot Glider Michael is a transition pilot who is looking forward to flying his own glider. Jim Hard was his instructor and Andrew Wood was the examiner    
Sept 11, '04 Eric Strandjord ASK-21 Stanton Completed B Badge on 9/11/04 with a flight of 66 minutes.
Also issued A Badge for solo flight made earlier.
Sept 6, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Benson's Straight out distance flight from Centreville MN to Lake Ell, WI, about 188 sm in 4:40. Good tail wind all afternoon though cloud base was relatively low and several emergency saves were required. Crew Chief Kathleen Winters arrived at the landing site within a few minutes of landing.    
Sept 4, '04 Craig Cowell Blanik L23 Benson's Private Pilot Glider rating Craig, who solo'd in gliders at Benson's last summer, trained diligently for this test. His instructor was Pete Kroll and the Examiner was Andrew Wood.    
Aug 14, '04 George Penokie Libelle Stanton Personal best flight of 297 km (184.5 miles) The flight was an aborted 300K triangle (Stanton-Blue Earth-Austin) but the weather conditions east of Albert Lee only allowed me to make it that far. I was able to get back to Stanton, but because I had to detour to Wells on the way to Blue Earth the free flight almost made it to 300 KM. If I had known how the free fight works I could have easily made it to past Stanton for several Ks as I was at 3000 ft AGL over Stanton. But that is all minor because this flight was more that double the distance of any that I had made before. And considering the highest I ever got was 6200 MSL I'm vary happy about it.  48EA1YG8.IGC  
Aug 14, '04 Mark Schmidt Std Cirrus Benson's 500 km triangle: Benson - Winona - point NE of Shell Lake. 7.5 hours. First half was easy with 4-5 kt climbs but second half was very challenging, with 2 kt lift and few landout options. 48EI4431.IGC  
Aug 14, '04 Tom Rent Schweizer 1-35C Stanton SYN-FBL-MCW (Mason City Iowa), landout near Fertile, IA.  Approx 160km, 100sm. tom_flight04.txt
Aug 14, '04 Michael Hoover Blanik L-13 Benson's B Badge earned. First soaring flight in vicinity of Benson's Airport.
July 26, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Benson's Thermal soaring flight from White Bear Lake MN to Mahtowa MN, 107 sm, 3:15 Another visit to Uncle Cliff Strandberg's hay field.    
July 25, '04 Tom Rent Schweizer 1-35C Stanton Out and Return to Blue Earth (261 km, 162 sm) from Stanton.  4.75 hours on course.       
July 24, '04 Mark Schmidt Std Cirrus Benson's 360 km triangle at 47 mph Attempted 500km FAI triangle: Benson - Winona - Pt near Shell Lake. Abandoned task on 2nd leg at Eau Claire because I was behind schedule and thought the day was dying.    
July 24, '04 Mike Finegan PIK-20B Benson's 200K FAI Triangle - State Record Attempt. Hugo-Ellsworth-Cub Acres-Hugo Speed just shy of record. Lift was inconsistent. Troubles near Downsville (surprise!).    
July 24, '04 Steve Metz ASW-27B Stanton State record for speed around a 300 km triangle. Stanton-Glencoe-Wells-Stanton, Distance: 192.2 miles, speed: 56.6 mph   47OC3IO1.IGC  
July 24, '04 Tom Rent Schweizer 1-35C Stanton Once around the Stanton Short Task. See speeds here.      
July 23, '04 Tom Rent Schweizer 1-35C Stanton 2 times around the Stanton Short Task. See speeds here.      
July 16, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Benson's Hugo MN to Buckeye IA, 196 sm, 6:10, on yet another weak day. Roger Payne promptly found the pilot on the property of a large hog factory.    
July 15, '04 Michael Hoover Blanik L-13 Benson's First solo in gliders.      
Jun 26, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Benson's Centreville MN to Brodhead WI, 255 sm, 7:15 A tip-toe kind of day at times because of overdevelopment. Roger Payne, Crew Chief.    
Jun 25, '04 Mike Finegan PIK-20B Benson's 200K Triangle Attempt. Landed about 20 mikes short, at New Richmond WI. Strange day, strong lift early, even in the overcast.    
Jun 23, '04 Leon Zeug Blanik Benson's Passed his certified flight instructor glider check ride.      
Jun 22, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Benson's Centreville MN to Clintonville WI in 6:15. Weak day that looked better than it was. 400 fpm max thermal strength. 213.88 sm Bill Mason, Crew Chief, arrived 5 minutes after landing.  This was Jim's 101st Gold Distance flight. (WOW!!!)    
June 19, '04 Kathleen Winters Libelle H201B Arlington, SD Arlington, SD airport to Mahnomen, MN airport
206 sm in
5 and 1/2 hours.
Good day with plenty of Cu's but increasing crosswind and inhospitable terrain (lakes!) made the flight more difficult--and shorter. High point: 7800 msl. Thanks to all at the SD soaring regatta and Jim Hard, crew chief.    
June 19, '04 Mike Willey Blanik L33 Solo Stanton Out and Return to Faribault      
June 19, '04 Roger Urban PW-5 Stanton Out and Return to Belle Plain      
June 19, '04 Brian Utley DG-800 Stanton 300km Diamond Goal - out and return to Litchfield      
June 19, '04 Geoff Stone DG-800 Stanton Out and return to Sleepy Eye      
June 19, '04 Dan Shallbetter ASW-28 Stanton 300km Diamond Goal - out and return to Olivia - State records in 15m and Standard classes for out and return distance. Distance: 203.3 miles   46JC3M93.IGC  
June 19, '04 Tom Rent Schweizer 1-35c Stanton Out and Return to Waseca      
June 19, '04 Steve Metz ASW-27B Stanton New Ulm-Wells-Stanton Triangle, 300 km, State Record for Speed around a 300 km course.  Distance: 192.3 miles, speed: 54.5 mph   46JC3IO3.IGC  
June 19, '04 Keith McKinley Blanik L33 Solo Stanton Out and Return to Faribault      
June 19, '04 Laura Hohanshelt Ka-6 Stanton 300km Diamond Goal - out and return to Olivia - 3 State Records for out and return distance. Distance: 203.2 miles, Handicapped distance: 247.9 miles.   46JGDNV1.igc  
June 19, '04 Dick Andrews Ventus b Stanton First person ever to circumnavigate the MSP Class B airspace.  He flew in a clockwise direction.  I'm estimating the distance at about 160 miles. Well done Dick!- Paul Remde 46JC3FJ1.IGC  
June 19, '04 Sarah Anderson Libelle Stanton Out and Return to New Ulm      
June 16, '04 John Ward Junior Stanton Stanton Short Task flight, 57 minutes to complete the course for a handicapped speed of 41.94 mph.       
Jun 13, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Benson's 3-hour flight of 72 sm to Bloomer WI. Don DePree, Crew Chief    
Jun 3, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Benson's 5-hour flight to Sauk Center MN. 105 sm on a very late starting day. Kathleen Winters, Crew Chief.    
May 28, '04 Paul Remde Junior Stanton Declared a 100+ km (74.4 statute mile) triangle flight to Owatonna and Tuma Private.  Made it around, but not in record time!  My speed was only 28.4 mph. I got low on the first leg and diverted to Faribault Airport.  I arrived at 1000 feet AGL and found good lift.  I got low again just short of Owatonna and found lift at 1000 feet AGL over a large parking lot.  After that the flight was pretty easy.  It felt good to do cross-country on a day when most everyone else stayed near Stanton.  If you count the fact that I actually flew to Faribault, my actual distance flown was 79.3 miles for a (much better...) average speed of 30.26 mph.    
May 27, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Stanton Flight during cross-country camp. SYN to near Monona IA.
136 sm.
Walt Johnson - Crew Chief    
May 26, '04 Chris Prince Pilatus Stanton Chris was the only person attending the Stanton Cross-Country Camp to make it more than 10 miles from Stanton.  He flew about 60 miles into Wisconsin and landed safely in a farm field.  Well done Chris!      
May 18, '04 Paul Esser Blanik L13 Bensons Completed all requirements for Bronze Badge with a 2 hour local thermalling flight on what turned out to be a blue day.      
May 2, '04 Leon Zeug Ka-6E Albert Lea 150 km of 300 km O&R to Hutchinson from Albert Lea. Bucked a +15mph headwind for 2/3rd of first leg with a ground speed of 50 mph. By the time I reached Winthrop, lift dropped to 3.5 kts, slowing my progress considerably. Had to fly in 4 kt sink while taking my TP photo and couldn't reconnect with lift. HCD has beautiful facilities. Thanks to Paul Campobasso for the retrieve.    
May 2, '04 Dick Huber Ka-6E Albert Lea Silver Duration 5 hour flight. Released from tow at 1:00 and landed at 6:20. Pete Kroll served as Official Observer.    
May 2, '04 Tom Rent 1-35C Stanton Stanton to Owatonna to Dodge Center to Stanton in 1:49, 82.4 miles, handicapped speed of 48.4 mph. Ceilings at 8000 ft, only took 5 thermals once on task. Hit 9.8kts on the averager near Dodge Center - highest I have ever seen. Great fun!      
May 1, '04 Paul Campobasso Ka-6E Albert Lea 5 hour duration, completes Silver Badge requirements. An outstanding day and weekend, topped out at 9,200 MSL. I even let Dick Huber get his 5 hour duration the following day in the same glider.    
May 1, '04 Marilyn Meline Blanik L-33 Solo Stanton Stanton to Albert Lea and back, 3.5 hours    
May 1, '04 Kathleen Winters Libelle Albert Lea Diamond distance to Marshall, Missouri Airport, 320.96 miles, Total time: 5 and 1/2 hours Crew: Jim Hard, Thanks to everyone at the great weekend regatta.  Launched at 12:35 p.m., landed 6:05 p.m.  A fine soaring day with strong lift; some weak thermals near and south of the Des Moines River. Skirted over-development in the west, then east sky. Slow final glide into Marshall.    
May 1, '04 Leon Zeug Ka-6E Albert Lea Local flight during the Albert Lea regatta of 207 km starting at AEL with TPs at Austin, Northwood, Wells (City), Albert Lea, New Richand and back to AEL. Lots of +9 knots of lift, some snow, 9.3k msl max elev., and even some persistent sink. Snapped a photo at 8k msl of a landout field from 2-years ago.    
May 1, '04 Christopher Prince Pilatus B4 Albert Lea Downwind dash to SE of Des Moines, Iowa. Trip distance (as the crow flies) was 165 statute miles. Landing was made in a large and flat farmers field that had no crop. Flight Time: 4.5 hours Eric Bluhm was my crew, and prior to the flight he installed his ham radio- gps tracking system in the Pilatus. He was within 10 miles or so of me before I landed, using this tracking system.    
Apr. 26, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Osceola, WI Thermal soaring flight under essentially totally overcast sky from Osceola, WI to north of Mt. Horeb, WI. 215.01 sm. 5:00. Crew Chief was JC Cunningham who arrived at the landing site within about 20 minutes of landing.    
Apr. 23, '04 Tom Rent 1-35C Stanton Stanton Short Task flight in 1 hour. 
Raw speed = 34.65 mph
Handicapped speed = 37:08 mph
Apr. 8, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Stanton Near Randolph MN to Shullsburg WI, 195sm, 5:40 Crew Chief Roger Payne greeted the pilot on landing at Shullsburg.    
Apr. 4, '04 Jim Hard 1-26A Stanton X-country flight from near Randolph MN to Greene Iowa, 115 sm, 5:00 hours Cloudless and weak day. Crew Chief JC Cunningham arrived at landing site before the pilot had even opened his canopy.    

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