2006 Minnesota Cross-Country Soaring Regatta and the "OLC League"

Flying from Faribault | Flying from Osceola | Flying from Stanton

In the past we have held some very fun and successful 3 day and 5 day cross-country soaring camps at Stanton.  For 2006 the plan is to spread the event out over the soaring season and hold the event at several different Minnesota soaring sites.  At this point the proposed sites include Faribault, Sleepy Eye, Osceola and Stanton.  Please note that I have moved the proposed dates to weekend days to allow all flights to be used in the new OLC League contest.  The dates have also changed from the dates originally proposed so please update your calendars.

Goals for the Regatta Weekends
  • Gather all MN soaring pilots at a single soaring site on several occasions so that we can:
    • Share in the fun together
    • Help each other accomplish our goals
    • Retrieve each other when we land out (That really is part of the fun!)
    • Learn from one another
  • Promote relationship building (camaraderie) among MN soaring pilots.
  • Promote cross-country soaring in MN.
  • Promote participation in the Online Contest (OLC) and new OLC League
  • Bring MN up in the US and international rankings in the OLC.
  • By bringing all the MN cross-country soaring pilots to a particular soaring site, if we all submit our flights as if we belong to the local club that club should rank highly in the OLC League for that weekend.
  • Promote attempts at breaking MN State Soaring Records.  My 100 km Sports Class Speed Triangle flight should be easy to beat at only 52.09 mph.  Someone go get it!  I'll be your Official Observer.

OLC League (Season-Long Weekend Speed Contest)
There is new, fun, simple international contest for 2006.  It is part of the OLC (Online Contest) and is called the OLC League.  It is a very simple speed contest that runs from April through August.  Points are awarded on weekends only.   Points are awarded on a soaring club basis to the top 3 flights from each club for each weekend so you don't need to fly every day to have your flight count toward the club's score.  I think this is going to be an extremely fun contest!  Let's put Minnesota on the OLC map in 2006! 

OLC Overview
I have created an OLC Overview and Tips web page which includes rules and tips for flying in the OLC.

New Soaring Tasks and Waypoints for Stanton, Faribault and Osceola
I have created some new task and waypoint files which are available here:
Minnesota Soaring Waypoints and Tasks
The tasks are available in PDF files that are perfect for printing and taking to the airport.

Important OLC League Note
I am a big fan of the new OLC League contest.  I really think it will be a fun way to promote cross-country soaring and competition.  However, the rules state that pilots must register as a member of a particular club and that each club must specify their home airport.  Only flights done from the home airport of the club will count in the OLC League contest.  That means that as a member of the MN Soaring Club if I fly from Faribault, my flight can get points in the OLC Classic and FAI OLC but not in the OLC League (at least not for the MSC). However, it is possible to change your designated soaring club before you submit your flights.  So my plan is to change my club from the MN Soaring Club to Cross Country Soaring before submitting any flights from Faribault and to RWSA before submitting my flights from Osceola.  For many weeks I have been bummed about this because I wanted to rack up as many OLC League points for the MN Soaring Club as possible.  But I think it is worth it to move the event to Faribault and Osceola because it will be fun to get everyone together at a single soaring site for those weekends.  Also, if all of us submit the flights as members of the local gliding club then that club should rank pretty high in the OLC League for that weekend - which will be very cool!  It will be as if a team of MN pilots is scoring OLC League points that put MN on the OLC League map.  I don't imagine that the hosting club's will mind having some "unofficial" club members racking up OLC League points for their club.

Feedback Requested
Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the event.  Please also let me know ASAP if you are planning to participate in the regatta and/or the OLC League contest.

I am proposing 4 Saturday and Sunday get-togethers - plus Monday, June 5th because that day is an OLC League day.  To compete you don't need to fly from the scheduled airport, but if you don't join us you will miss out on all the fun and camaraderie.  Since the OLC League runs from April 29th through September 3rd it is not mandatory that you attend the regatta weekends to compete in that contest.  However, the more you fly, the more fun you will have, and the higher your probability for long, high-scoring flights.
Schedule - Tentative
Date Day Location
May 6 Saturday Faribault Airport
May 7 Sunday Faribault Airport
June 3 Saturday Stanton Airport
June 4 Sunday Stanton Airport
June 5 Monday Stanton Airport
July 29 Saturday Osceola Airport
July 30 Sunday Osceola Airport
Aug 19 Saturday Faribault Airport
Aug 20 Sunday Faribault Airport


  Location Faribault Stanton Osceola Faribault
  Dates May 6 May 7 June 3 June 4 June 5 July 29 July 30 Aug 19 Aug 19 Aug 20
    Sat. Sun. Sat. Sun. Monday Sat. Sun. Sat. Sat. Sun.
Name Glider               Flying Dinner
at Don's
Paul Algren and family                   5  
Dick Andrews DG-1000           Y Y   1 Y
Alan Benfel Pik-20b           Y Y      
Rodney & Jill Carey Schweizer 1-26                 2  
Tom Chrisfield DG-101               Y 1 Y
Tony Condon (IA) Cherokee                 1  
John DeRosa DG-101G Elan     Y Y Y          
Scott Elhardt Mosquito, Discus     Y Y            
Mike Finegan Pik-20b       Y Y Y Y      
Barry Jaeger                   1  
Ben Jeffrey                      
Fred Hewitt DG-1000 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1  
Tom Kuhfeld PW-5 Y Y Y Y Y          
Alan Mathewson                   1  
Chris McConnell and
Matt Michael                   1  
Blake Miller Silent                   Y
Grant Nielsen                   1  
George Penokie Libelle     Y Y Y          
Chris Prince Schweizer 1-35           Y Y      
Paul Remde Junior (May and July)
DG-1000 (June and Aug)
Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 5 Y
Tom Rent Schweizer 1-35c Y Y Y Y Y          
Ed and Doris Saunier plus child                   3  
Matthew Sawhill (IA) Foka 4               Maybe Maybe Maybe
Dan Shallbetter ASW-28 Y Y Y Y Y          
Eric Strandjord Ventus 2cxM Y Y Y Y Y          
Dean and "Sam" Sunderlin                   2  
Charlie Svoboda                   1  
Brian Utley DG-800M     Y              
Steve and Teddy VonBevern                   2  
John Wastvedt LS-6a               Y 2 Y
Steve & Elizabeth Wheeler ASK-21                 2  
Andrew Wood Ventus 2cxM Y Y Y Y Y     Y   Y
Leon Zeug Ka-6E Y Y Y Y Y     Y 1 Y
Total                 7 36 7


Flying From Faribault Airport (FBL)

Airport Elevation: 1060 feet

Radio Frequencies
CTAF/Unicom: 122.8
AWOS: 111.20 or 507-332-2505
Glider to Glider: 123.5

12/30, asphalt, 4254 x 72 feet
"30 - grass" (grass area short of the taxiway for 30), turf, 1500 feet?
02/20, turf, 2230 x 140

Left hand patterns for all runways - except when using the grass short of the taxiway for runway 30 ("30 - grass").  In that case please use a right hand pattern to avoid crossing the left hand pattern for 30's main runway.

Map to Don and Kathy's Lake House

Flying from L O Simenstad Airport in Osceola, WI

The Red Wing Soaring Association has been kind to host the July regatta weekend.  Below are some files with information about driving to and flying from Osceola - Home of the Red Wing Soaring Association.  It is very important that you read all of them before coming to the airport.


Aerial Photo with hangar and tie-down locations



Flying from Stanton

Two towplanes will be used this weekend.  Non-MSC members can get a tow from the MSC towplane if a commercial towpilot is flying the MSC towplane, and the glider pilot is an SSA member.  I believe we will have a commercial towpilot on Saturday.  The Stanton towplane can be used for MSC club members and non-MSC club members.  Please present payment to the Field Operations Officer for tows using the MSC towplane.  Please pay Stanton Sport Aviation for tows using the Stanton towplane.  The tow rates are the same for both towplanes - $43 for a tow to 2,000 feet and $48 for a tow to $3,000 feet. 
Tow List
The first thing you should do when you arrive at Stanton is to find the F.O.O. cart (a white trailer) and put your name on the tow list.  If you wait until you are ready to fly to put your name on the list you will have a long wait for a tow.  If you name comes up before you are ready, that is fine - just tell the F.O.O. (Field Operations Officer) when you are completely ready to fly and he/she will get you launched ASAP.  When your name comes to the top of the list, you will get the first tow from the towplane that you can use. 

Radio Frequencies
CTAF/Unicom: 122.8
AWOS: 119.35 (also available at 507-664-3806)
Glider to Glider: 123.5

Landing Patterns

Left hand patterns are used for all runways.

No Circling in the Landing Pattern
Stanton has a fair amount of traffic on weekends so please be aware and courteous to other traffic.

Stanton has 2 grass runways (0/36 and 9/27).
Landing over Hwy 19
For safety reasons, please be sure that when you land on runway 36 you fly over Hwy 19 at an altitude of 50' or more.  The runway starts very close to Hwy 19.  From time to time a glider will be seen crossing low over the highway.  Of course, a chance encounter with a semi would be disastrous.
Be Ready to Fly
Do not tell the F.O.O. that you are ready for a tow until you are completely ready.  We will be doing many tows this weekend and time is critical.  If your towplane is ready and you are not ready, you will be pulled off the runway and put behind the next glider.  We often pull gliders around behind the staged glider so that pilots can get in their glider and be ready when the glider in front of them takes off.
Golf Carts
The MSC owns and uses 2 gas powered golf carts for towing gliders to and from the runway.  Cars are not allowed near the runways.  Each cart is equipped with a family band radio so you may be able to request a cart using a radio if you bring one. 
Stanton Sport Aviation also has a similar golf cart with the number 21 on the side.  This one is reserved for use by Stanton Sport Aviation customers and airport personnel.  Since non-MSC members will be getting tows from the Stanton towplane then it is my understanding that they can use that cart, but I recommend that you ask first.  Non-MSC members may also use MSC golf carts as well.
Help Out on the Flight Line
The MSC is a club operation.  We all help run the flight line.  When you are waiting for a tow please help pull gliders out to the flight line and pull gliders back when they land.  This is not a commercial operation.  Non-MSC members are guests at the airport and we are very glad you are joining us, but we do expect you to lend a hand as any club member would.
Hand Signals at Launch
When you are ready to for the slack to be taken out of the rope please give a "thumbs up" signal to the wing runner.  When the slack is out and the towpilot is ready to go, please give a "thumbs up" signal with your pointer finger pointing down the runway to indicate that you are ready to go.  You may also wag your rudder if you want to, but it is not necessary.
MSC Clubhouse
The MSC has a very nice little clubhouse.  Feel free to use it but please keep it clean.  The refrigerator is usually stocked with beer and other items that you can buy at a very reasonable price by putting money into the can.

Paul Remde's OLC Overview and Tips
aerokurier Online-Contest - To go to the US contest click on the link near the top left of the page "aerokurier Online-Contest".  Then click on the link on the right side of the 3rd row from the top "US".

Rules - OLC Classic and FAI-OLC
Rules - OLC League

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