2007 Albert Lea Soaring Contest
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An Experienced Team of Volunteers
In the last 15 years, there have been 7 major soaring contests at the Albert Lea Airport. 

  • 1992 Region 7 Contest
  • 1993 1-26 Championships
  • 1995 U.S. Sports Class Nationals
  • 1997 U.S. 15m Nationals
  • 1999 U.S. World Class Nationals and Region 7 Contest
  • 2002 U.S. Region 7 Contest
  • 2005 U.S. Region 7 Contest

Many of the same volunteers that helped make those contests a success will be pitching in at this event. 

Volunteers Needed
We are in desperate need of many more volunteers.  Please drop me an e-mail if you are at all interested in helping out at the contest, or with preparations before the contest.  We need people to help with public relations, scoring, flight line operations, office administration, retrieve phones, etc.  Let me know if you are interested in helping with anything in particular.  Please let me know particular dates that you will be able to help out.

Position Description Name
Contest Manager Contest Organizer, I will orchestrate the financial and volunteer aspects of the contest.  I will also use this web site to help organize volunteers and "to do lists". Paul Remde
Competition Director In charge of the daily competition. Charlie Minner
Scorer(s) Reviews each flight log at the end of each contest day and uses the scoring program to calculate scores. Rick Green (full time)
Helpers?: Dan Croswell (maybe)
Operations Director(s) This position may be divided into 2, 6 day long slots.  The Operations Director organizes a safe flight operation, orchestrates the wing runners, makes sure we have the necessary tow ropes and rings, marks the ends of the runways with grid positions for pilots to use to arrange their gliders before each day, etc. Phil Schmalz &
Leo Benetti-Longhini
Weather Person Present a soaring forecast at the pilot's meeting each morning and be a resource for the Competition Director.  This person can be a competitor. Tom Kelley
Volunteer Coordinator Recruiter of volunteers Dick & Pam Andrews
Publicity, Promotion and Public Relations Promotes the contest to local and national news venues.  This is done in advance of the contest and each day of the contest.  Create press releases about the contest and show media (TV, Newspaper, etc.) people around the airport while explaining why we love flying gliders.  
Contest Report Author Writes a short report about the contest for Soaring Magazine.  It is due 30 days after the contest ends Paul Remde
Social Coordinator Organize the dinner at the lake on Tuesday and the Banquet at the Elks lodge on Thursday.  Make sure there is a cold keg of beer in the hangar at the end of each day.  
Retrieve Office Coordinator Coordinates volunteers that run the retrieve office.  
Awards Create award certificates for the top 3 winners in each class every day and nicer awards for the top 3 finishers in each class at the end of the contest  
Weighing Director Organize daily weighing of gliders to assure they meet the weight restrictions for their class and type. Tom Chrisfield (Sun - Wed)
Chief Tow Pilot Makes sure all the tow pilots are clear on a procedures and flight operations.  Makes sure each towplane gets an equal number of tows.  
Street Maps Locate 80 (if possible) MN and IA street maps - one for each competitor and one for each crew. Tom Kuhfeld?
Host Jim is the Airport Manager and an extremely wonderful host Jim Hanson
Network Administrator Organize a wireless network to allow access to the internet if possible. Eric Strandjord
Launch Team This is job requires a little running but doesn't last long.  We usually get all the gliders launched in about 1 hour every day.  The launch team hooks the ropes up to the gliders and runs the wings during take-off.  One of the launch team volunteers stands in sight of the towplane and gives the go-ahead signal.  We need at least 6 launch team volunteers for every day we fly.  The launch team will report to the Operations Director (Scott Elhardt) and consist of the positions listed below:
  • Tow Plane Signalman (1)
  • Rope Runners (2)
  • Wing Runner (1)
  • Tow Rope Connector (1)
  • Cross Runway Traffic Observer (1)

Please bring personal (family) radios and handheld aviation radios if you have them.

See Volunteer calendar below.
Office Manager Run the office.  Handle contest pilot registrations and Banquet registrations.  This job can be done by different people each day if necessary. See Volunteer calendar below.
Retrieve Phones Hang out in the office while pilots are out on task.  Record data from pilots that land-out and relay it to their crews.  This could be a different person every day if necessary.
Please see the:
See Volunteer calendar below.

Volunteer Calendar
Please help me fill in the lists and calendar below.  I think there are many volunteers plan to help out but have not told me when they can help.

General Volunteers for the entire contest:

General Volunteers for part of the contest:

  • Paul Campobasso - Bringing his camper and family May 26-28th.
  • Tom Chrisfield - practice day and 3 contest days (Sunday through Wednesday)
  • Dale Erickson, available for much of the contest for any job.  Commercial Towpilot
  • Carolyn Finegan, office helper, not sure of dates yet
  • Davis Gilbertson, Albert Lea, Aviation Enthusiast, Would love to help out every day of the contest!
  • Derek Gledhill, CAP member, weekends
  • Bruce Goff and his maybe also his 15 year old daughter, launch line volunteers for 1 day
  • Eric Greenwell, May 25th to May 31st or June 1st
  • Sherrie Herzfeld, CAP member - bringing CAP cadets from Anoka squadron
  • Adam Koller, MN - Probably a few days during the week of Memorial day
  • Jay Newell and his 12 year old son Josh, Silent Knights Glider Club, IA, 3 days, launch team, retrieve team, and if having a Ph.D. in mass media is enough training, publicity, June 1 - June 3rd.
  • Lee Peters, Andrew Peters' father, available to help out for the duration of the contest when not helping Andrew.
  • Corby Renfrew, Minneapolis, Available for anything that doesn't involve running: May 30, May 31, June 1, June 2, June 7
  • Fred and Joan Rogers, MN, Committed to help out on Wed. June 6th and Thursday, June 7th
  • Greg Sotebeer, available as a backup towpilot.
  • Linda Tauber, Lakeville, MN
  • Kevin Tesmar, MN, 2nd week
Day Office Manager Retrieve Phones Launch Data
Crew Team
Volunteer #1
Crew Team
Volunteer #2
Crew Team
Volunteer #3
Crew Team
Volunteer #4
Crew Team
Volunteer #5
Crew Team
Volunteer #6
General Volunteers
Saturday, May 26       Bruce Goff Tom Chrisfield          
Sunday, May 27   JC Cunningham JC Cunningham Paul Campobosso Tom Chrisfield Andy Lawler        
Monday, May 28   JC Cunningham JC Cunningham Paul Campobosso Tom Chrisfield Mark Beelman        
Tuesday, May 29       Mike Schumann Tom Chrisfield Phil Neal        
Wednesday, May 30       Mike Schumann Steve Adkins Phil Neal        
Thursday, May 31       Corby Renfrew Alan Benfel Phil Neal        
Friday, June 1       Corby Renfrew Phil Neal Terry Heer        
Saturday, June 2       Paul Randall Coby Renfrew Kevin Tesmar Derek Gledhill Brian Weber    
Sunday, June 3       Paul Randall Kevin Tesmar Derek Gledhill        
Monday, June 4       Steve Adkins George Underhill Kevin Tesmar Don DePree Brian Utley    
Tuesday, June 5       Steve Adkins George Underhill Kevin Tesmar Don DePree Brian Utley    
Wednesday, June 6     Eric Strandjord Debra Smith Fred Rogers Joan Rogers George Underhill Kevin Tesmar Don DePree Terrence Flower
Thursday, June 7       John Ward Fred Rogers Joan Rogers Kevin Tesmar Don DePree Eric Strandjord  

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