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This site has been replaced with a new site at www.soaring-classifieds.com.  The new site allows sellers to post items on the web site themselves - so there is no waiting for updates.  

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This is a FREE service designed to help you sell or find used sailplanes, motorgliders, towplanes, instruments, radios, PDAs, parachutes, trailers and more.  In the beginning there will be only a few items available here, but it will grow over time.  I have designed it to be very well organized (by category and then manufacturer) to make it easy for you to find with you are looking for.  Each page in the Classified Ads section contains both "for sale" and "wanted" listings.  This page will not continue to list items that have already been sold.  If you find that an item on this site has been sold, please let me know so I can remove it.

I have created this web site as a service to glider pilots.  My sincere goal is to make the Cumulus Soaring, Inc. web site a valuable resource.

Better than the Competition

  • Better organization makes it much easier to quickly find only the items that you are interested in
  • Up to 3 photos can be included in each ad
  • Sold items will be deleted promptly - to reduce clutter and confusion

How it Works

  • Submit data to me using the instructions below.
  • Customers will contact you directly using the contact data you supply in the ad.
  • Do not contact me in regard to an item on this site, I do not stock any used items and I don't know anything about the items other than what is listed on this site.
  • Please, please, please! - Notify me as soon as the unit is sold and I will remove it from this page.  It is very frustrating to potential customers if they find that many of the items they are interested in are already sold.  It also leads to many unwanted and unnecessary phone calls and emails for the person that sold the item.

How to Submit an Item

  • Send an email to me at paul@remde.us with the data listed below.
  • You may attach up to 3 different photos of the item to the email.  If possible, please send me 2 sizes of each photo, one full size (1024 x 768 pixels or smaller) and one thumbnail (200 x 200 pixels or smaller).  That will save me a lot of time and will be greatly appreciated.  I will create the large and small images for you if necessary, but your help will give me more time to spend with my family.
  • Please copy the list below and paste it into the email.
    • Category: Sailplanes, Motorized Sailplanes, Instruments, Radios, Towplanes, Miscellaneous
    • Type: For Sale or Wanted
    • Description (no formatting, text only):
    • Price:
    • Your Name:
    • Location (City, State, Country):
    • Phone:
    • email:

Used Items Only
This site is not designed to include free advertising for new items.  I do not want manufacturers and dealers to contact me to place ads here.

Cumulus Soaring, Inc. is not responsible for any of the listings on this "Classified Ads" site.  I post the information as I receive it and I have no way to verify its accuracy.

Cumulus Soaring, Inc.
Paul E. Remde

8661 Connelly Place
Savage, Minnesota 55378

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