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The Glider (L'Aliante)
Author:  Stelio Frati

128 pages
Published in 1946 in Italian, Translated to English by Maurice Branzanti, Revised 3-27-07. Now includes 21 pages of Chapter 9

In 1946, Stelio Frati published a book, L'Aliante (The Glider), an engineering textbook on the design of a glider.  It has been made available as a free PDF document by the Falco web site.

Thank you for bringing Frati's "The Glider" to the English speaking world and the modern era. I've followed the updates for several years now and realize what a painstaking task it must be to accurately translate a technical work while keeping it both readable and contemporary. You're doing a remarkable job. My hat's off to you. I think the book is to design as Langewiesche's "Stick and Rudder" is to flying. - Daniel Kauffman

Link to the Web Site Containing the File: The Glider (L'Aliante)
Direct Link to the PDF File of the Book: The Glider (L'Aliante)


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